The Seattle Seahawks are currently restructuring their roster as the franchise moves on without Russell Wilson. Although the team is far away from having a competitive group, the front office is making moves to maintain the young core for the long haul. On Monday, defensive tackle Bryan Mone signed an extension that caught Tyler Lockett's attention.

According to Tom Pelissero, the Seahawks reached an agreement with Mone on a two-year extension worth $12 million. Lockett took to Twitter to show support for his teammate who just secured the bag. This seems like a smart move for Seattle as they lock up a young asset to the roster for a couple more years. Additionally, his contract is a solid amount of money, which means we should see Bryan Mone play a big role in the upcoming season.

Mone is entering the fourth season of his career and last year he proved to be a reliable option within the defensive line. He played 14 games (started five) and racked up 35 total tackles, 1.5 sacks, and one forced fumble. Now, Bryan Mone aims to play a larger role for the Seahawks after signing a $12 million deal.

It's always nice to see teammates support each other and Tyler Lockett is clearly happy for Mone. Although Seattle's roster still needs some work, the front office clearly believes Bryan Mone is ready for an expanded role. We should see him often throughout the 2022 season as he aims to continue improving his game to help the Seahawks control the trenches.

Keep an eye on this kid through training camp, as he might just be a hidden gem within the roster. If so, then the Seahawks' defense could be better than expected.