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Sixers coach Brett Brown admits Jimmy Butler could use more touches

Jimmy Butler, Brett Brown, Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown is finally seeing what Jimmy Butler fussed about during his recent film room outburst, hoping to be plugged into pick-and-roll action.

Butler was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Sixers and hoped to keep his role of go-to scorer while leading a young pack of players, but it is he who has given up the most. The four-time All-Star has finished only 18.7 percent of Philadelphia’s possessions when he plays alongside Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid — the usage rate of a role player.

It didn’t take long for coach Brown to notice that.

“At times, Jimmy doesn’t get the touches he needs,” Brown said, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe. “That is true.”

At first, Butler was allowed to flourish, quickly showing his capabilities by hitting two identical game-winners within the first seven games with the team. But it wouldn’t take long for big man Joel Embiid to complain about his usage, as he was used as a perimeter big instead of doing his damage in the post, where he has proved more effective.

“I don’t enjoy feeling like a waiter — like I’m serving each of them food,” said Brown. “Although at times you have to be. Joel needs a touch. Ben needs to be posted. Jimmy needs a play. You hope the offense will dictate who gets shots, but it has been challenging.”

“I constantly remind all three of them: You do not always get to win on your terms.”

This will prove a tough balancing act for the Sixers coach, and his toughest test yet as a coach in the league — having to manage the talent and the egos that can potentially take him to the top of the Eastern Conference, if managed right.