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RUMOR: The Texans’ expected timeline for Deshaun Watson trade, revealed

Deshaun Watson Texans

Deshaun Watson doesn’t appear to be going anywhere – for now. The Houston Texans look poised to keep their quarterback as we enter a new NFL season.

Despite all the controversy surrounding their signal-caller, Houston has reportedly remained steadfast in chasing their desired trade package. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the team wants no less than six players in return, in some combination of active players and future draft picks.

While there are zero takers as of now, NFL insider Ian Rapoport reports that the Texans’ patience may pay off as the season goes on, when teams have a clearer picture of how their respective seasons shake out.

Via NFL’s Rapoport:

However, this could all change around the time of the trade deadline on Nov. 2. Some of the teams who had some interest in Watson — the Dolphins, Eagles, Panthers, Broncos and others — could renew their interest depending on how the season goes, based on conversations with sources informed of the situation.

The beauty of the offseason is that every fan and front office can still hope for the best when it comes to their franchise. But realities kick in sooner rather than later, which will come harder and faster for some teams than others. The Texans are simply waiting to take advantage of that.

If Carolina’s Sam Darnold experiment doesn’t work out, could they make an early season push? Could others? Watson has a no-trade clause, and clearly has affection for Miami. Could a slow start trigger the Dolphins — who drafted Tua Tagovailoa in the first round in 2020 — into action?

The Houston Texans are asking for the moon in return for Deshaun Watson. Whether they’re geniuses or being way too greedy totally depends on the next few weeks.