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The absurd Deshaun Watson trade demand from Texans that has teams balking

Deshaun Watson trade Texans

It’s crazy to think that Deshaun Watson still hasn’t been traded away from the Houston Texans at this point. But much of that has had to do with the team’s unwillingness to budge from its asking price.

ESPN insider Adam Schefter reports that the Texans have sought a combination of at least six players in exchange for their besmirched quarterback. Whether it be five active players and one future draft pick, or two players and four draft picks, Houston were not willing to go any lower than that.

But given all the off field issues surrounding the Texans star, no teams have been willing to give up that kind of haul without adding some insurance for themselves beforehand.

Sources tell ESPN that no team is willing to meet Caserio’s asking price without attaching conditions to the picks because of the ongoing investigations by the FBI, Houston Police Department and the NFL into Watson, who faces 22 active civil lawsuits with allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior.

The Texans appear to be ready to keep Deshaun Watson on their roster, despite not having any desire to actually play him this season. Other NFL teams will just have to wait and see if Houston’s stance softens as we go deeper into the season.