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Touken Ranbu Warriors Release Date

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Touken Ranbu Warriors is finally coming out – the Sengoku Era Drama is here. Check out when the exact Touken Ranbu Warriors Release Date is going to be.

Touken Ranbu Warriors Release Date: May 24, 2022

Touken Ranbu Warriors is coming out on the Nintendo Switch and the PC through Steam on May 24, 2022.

Inspired by the popular Japanese IP Touken Ranbu, Touken Ranbu Warriors brings the good-looking, dashing warriors of the Sengoku Era to the battlefields of Musou-style video games. Touken Ranbu Warriors, however, offers more than just exhilarating battles with endless waves of monsters and enemies. The game offers a lot in terms of fan service content, which includes relationship-building mechanics as well as visual-novel style story and character progression inside and outside of battle.

On whether or not you’d like this game without being a fan of the Touken Ranbu franchise – well, the combat and the battles are just as fun as they are in other Warriors and Musou games. The game even features some battle mechanics not present in other Musou Games. But be warned that this really features a lot of fan content, so be ready to get through those if you really must. At the very least, you can try out the demo that’s available on both Steam and Nintendo Switch before putting the full game in the shopping cart.

As for fans of the series who don’t really care about the game – you can also just rush through the battles with the game’s Easy Mode – which allows fans to play through a simplified version of the game – mostly done through lower difficulty and a less complex controls scheme.

Either way, the demo is there for you to try out, so go check if Touken Ranbu Warriors is up to your taste before the release date reels in.