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What the Padres need to do next after acquiring Adam Frazier before MLB Trade Deadline

Padres, MLB Trade Deadline

While there had been a couple of other moves made already with the MLB Trade Deadline looming, the San Diego Padres made perhaps the biggest splash yet, landing Pittsburgh Pirates all-star Adam Frazier.

Frazier’s name popped up on the radar early for many teams with the Pirates sitting in the cellar of the NL Central and Frazier having two years of team control left on his contract. It was the Padres who acted quickest, acquiring the second baseman for three prospects.

But the Padres can’t sit back and relax after just this one move. They are playing in what many view as the toughest division in baseball. The Giants and Dodgers both have over 60 wins, while the Padres sit in third place in the NL West, with a record of 58-44. Frazier is a great get, now it’s time to add more.

It’s possible the Padres go out and try to add another bat even after getting Frazier. Their lineup has the superstar names but they have really sputtered overall as a group lately. Within the larger sample size of the entire season, San Diego’s offense can best be described as fairly streaky and usually riding the roller coaster. When it’s going good, they are as good as it gets on offense. When it’s not going well, it’s as stale as it gets. The San Diego Union Tribune may have put it best:

The Padres who just hit .195 and scored 19 runs in the final six games of their road trip. That is reminiscent of other periods of a week or longer this season in which they went cold, though in the 27 games leading up to this past week, they led the majors with an .884 OPS and 6.1 runs per game. – Kevin Acee San Diego Union Tribune.

So another bat isn’t out of the question and they were rumored to be in on Nelson Cruz, before he was ultimately traded to the Rays. Another name that has popped up multiple times is Joey Gallo but the Rangers may have cooled their stance on dealing the star outfielder.

Adding another starter might be the top priority for the Padres though.

Their rotation has been good in large part but they’re missing a rock solid No. 2 option behind Yu Darvish. They have a lot of good options but when it comes to postseason time, a lot of rotations have consistent, shutdown No. 1 and No. 2 options.

A name like Jose Berrios of the Minnesota Twins could be very fascinating to track for the Padres up until the MLB Trade Deadline expires.

The Twins are a mess and Berrios’ recent comments have made it sound like he is eagerly looking to land elsewhere once he hits free agency after the 2022 season. The Padres could be a perfect fit.

Like Frazier, Berrios’ contract doesn’t expire until after the 2021-22 season so the Padres, or whoever were to acquire the ace, wouldn’t be getting a rental.

It’s entirely possible the Twins hang onto Berrios and try to make another run in 2022. It’s been reported that the asking price for Berrios is super high but, the Padres certainly have the prospects to make it work if they opt to go all-in. Dan Hayes of The Athletic reported details of what Minnesota’s asking price for the righty might be.

Berríos would net the Twins a haul if they moved the two-time All-Star. Not only is he in the midst of another great season, but Berríos would be one of the few difference-makers available on the trade market. Early indications are the Twins asked another team that inquired about Berríos for a pre-arb player and two top-100 prospects. The offer was rejected and talks have cooled, but it gives a clear indication the Twins are asking for the world for their top-tier talent. If an opposing GM were to blow them away with an offer, they could move the Twins off the idea of keeping Berríos and competing next season.

A one-two punch of Darvish-Berrios in the playoffs would be terrifying for any opposing team. And, it could push San Diego closer in the NL West down the stretch run of the season. No team wants to take part in the one game, winner-take-all wildcard matchup. As of right now, that would be the fate for the Padres if the standings hold up.

The last week before the MLB Trade Deadline is long gone could massively shift the fortunes of many teams this year. The Padres started with a bang, adding Adam Frazier. Now, it’s time to do even more if San Diego wants to chase down a pennant.