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Wizards star Bradley Beal’s hilarious reaction to Paul Pierce’s IG live fiasco

Wizards, Paul Pierce, Bradley Beal

Former NBA player and now ESPN analyst Paul Pierce made headlines on social media on Saturday after he looked seemingly drunk in a room full of strippers—which he recorded live via Instagram. The former Boston Celtics star was shown hanging out with strippers while smoking, playing poker and drinking alcoholic beverages with some friends. This certainly garnered a ton of reactions from social media, even specifically from current Washington Wizards All-Star Bradley Beal

Beal tweeted on Saturday that Pierce’s recent social media fiasco should’ve been shared only to close friends—an option on the application that displays one’s picture and videos privately or to a particular group of people only. True enough, the reaction of the Wizards star made sense given the embarrassment Pierce must be going through right now.

Note that Pierce is currently in a committed marriage and has three children.

While the world, or at least NBA world, wasn’t sure what Paul Pierce’s intentions were, it’s still discouraging to see the future Hall of Famer out in public during a pandemic. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t wearing a mask and social distancing while in a room full of different people. Who knows what the consequences of Pierce’s actions are. 

It’ll be interesting to watch out what Pierce has to say the next time he shows up at ESPN’S The Jump or NBA Countdown where he regularly makes an appearance to give his takes about today’s game.

As for Bradley Beal, thanks for the tip, but it might have been too late. Although what’s not too late is for the Wizards to make a playoff push this season. Beal and his team are currently 12th in the standings and are within striking distance to make the play-in tournament.