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Video: Bradley Beal clotheslined by Matthew Dellavedova, teammates have to hold him back

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It appears that the Washington Wizards may be the scrappiest team in the NBA. In Saturday night’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Bradley Beal was involved in a heated altercation with Matthew Dellavedova.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Beal got into a scuffle with an opponent. Against the Golden State Warriors, Beal got into a wrestling match with Draymond Green, ripping the forward’s jersey in the process.

In this video, Beal was clearly “clotheslined” by Dellavedova in an attempt to prevent the easy basket. The play was blatantly excessive and could’ve warranted a Flagrant 1 call for the feisty point guard. However, Beal allowed his emotions to get the best of him, charging viciously at Dellavedova. This could receive attention by the NBA front office, but the most pivotal footage was Beal’s contact with the referee.

Clearly, you can see Beal shove the referee in his attempt to escalate the situation. Negative contact with NBA referees is strictly prohibited by the league, and it comes with harsh consequences. This is further evidenced by Shaun Livingston’s excessive contact with an NBA official, in which he was suspended for one game by the league.

Livingston’s one game suspension was probably due to the fact that his interaction with the referee was provoked. In this case, Beal was the aggressor and made contact with the referee to get to Dellavedova. If the NBA decides to suspend Beal. the Wizards will surely suffer without their star shooting guard. Beal is currently the Wizards’ leading scorer, averaging 23.7 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 3.7 assists.

The NBA will certainly review the incident and make the final decision in regards to a punishment for both teams, but Beal is obviously at the center of it all.