Wizards video: Bradley Beal gets kicked by Steven Adams in the groin
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Video: Bradley Beal gets kicked by Steven Adams in the groin

Bradley Beal, Steven Adams

The game on Thursday between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards was a highly anticipated one as it was a matchup of two teams many fans believe are strong contenders in their respective conferences. It turned out to be very competitive and physical, especially in the third quarter.

With 4:26 left in the period, Steven Adams was held by Marcin Gortat with a foul. The action did not stop there, however. As Adams tried to wiggle his way out of Gortat’s grip, the Thunder big man “inadvertently” kicked Bradley Beal in the groin area. Ouch.

It resulted in the Kiwi international receiving a technical foul, which Bradley Beal himself took and converted.

Steven Adams and the Thunder contested that it was unintentional and he was in his natural motion. The referees did not see it that way, and it’s possible that the league office may review the call and hand him a sanction if they deem it as done on purpose. The NBA has been strict in enforcing rules when it comes to players flinging their limbs around. Perhaps the most infamous violator of it is Draymond Green, who was handed flagrant fouls and fines for hitting other players in the sensitive area, including Adams himself during the 2016 playoffs.

The good news for the Thunder though is that they were able to win on the night, 121-112. Led by Russell Westbrook’s 46 points, six rebounds, six assists and two steals, the home team won their sixth straight game to strengthen their hold on fifth place in the Western Conference. The Wizards, on the other hand, lost for the fourth time in their last five outings and saw their record drop to 26-22.