This Real Madrid season will go down in history, even more so if they manage to win the Champions League. In a transitional season, they won the La Liga title with four games to spare and made the final of the Champions League. Now, that does not mean that their roster is perfect. Real Madrid still needs additions and still needs to lose some dead weight. Thus, let's look at three players that Real Madrid must move on from this summer.

3 Players Real Madrid must move on from this summer

Gareth Bale

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Gareth Bale is a player with whom Real Madrid fans have a very unusual relationship. Until just a few years back, Bale was considered one of the legends of the club, even if he was there only for a few years. His iconic run versus Marc Bartra in the 2014 Copa Del Rey final, combined with some masterful performances, had some Real Madrid fans even calling him better than Cristiano Ronaldo, although these fans were in minority. Now, the situation is sour and it seems like Gareth Bale's relationship with the club is beyond repair. His antics off the field, especially the “Wales, Golf, Madrid” flag incident, earned him ire, and Bale's tendency to get injured has been the cause of a lot of issues as well.

Thankfully for both sides, Bale will be leaving Real Madrid in the summer. His massive deal signed a few years back is expiring and after nine up-and-down years for the club, it seems like Bale will be on his way out. As said previously, that is good for both sides. Real Madrid has a bevy of young players that need time on the field and Bale can look to return to the UK, where he seemed most happy. This will be an interesting thing to look at in the future, as there will definitely be a split inside the Real Madrid fanbase. The most objective thing to say is that Bale is a legend, but one that did not do himself any favors in terms of his last few years in Madrid.


One more player that arrived in 2013, Francisco Alarcon, better known as Isco, also gave Real Madrid some iconic moments in the last nine years. Isco arrived when he was just 21 and was a staple of Real Madrid's rotation over the first few years. He won four Champions League titles and could win his fifth, which is a very impressive feat. Overall, Isco scored 37 goals in 246 league games for Real Madrid and if we overlook the last few years, he was such a key player for the club in a ton of these seasons. Unfortunately, his position was never really one that Real Madrid coaches highlighted, and that is a huge issue. Isco was pushed to the wings when his real position is as an attacking midfielder. Still, he has done a lot playing for the Real Madrid white jersey over the last nine years.

Similar to Bale, Isco is out of contract in the summer and he will be leaving the club. His relationship with Real Madrid fans is definitely different from Bale's. While Bale's could sometimes be described as angry or even toxic at times, Real Madrid fans still love Isco and he gets a ton of support when he does play. The fans are aware that he was just not always a great fit for what the coaches wanted and he will remain a loved part of the Real Madrid roster that won three Champions League titles in a row. It is a huge question of what if Isco was featured more, but his legacy still remains more than positive.

Toni Kroos 

Both Bale and Isco are out of contract, but there is a player that still has a deal for next year. That said, Real Madrid should look to get rid of him. It might sound crazy to include Kroos on this list, but the German midfielder seems past it at this point. Not to be understood as disrespectful, but Kroos is not fit for the modern game. His passing-oriented midfield skillset is one that was valued a ton previously, and that is why he was a key part of the legendary KCM midfield, together with Luka Modric and Casemiro. That passing is still valuable, but if it is not combined with a lot of physicalities, it seems like it could be easily exploited.

Additionally, Kroos is a very pragmatic person, and he himself has said that this might be his last year playing football. Kroos is only 32, so theoretically, the German could still play, but he has already retired from the national team and could retire from club football as well. If he does not, the ambition of Real Madrid, together with the incoming young midfielders that require playing time, means that Kroos simply cannot be fielded week-in, week-out. It would be smarter to move on this summer. Kroos has been incredible for Real Madrid, but it is time to move on for both sides here.