Harness the power of the itemless Talonflame! The new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet code giveaway announcement is set to give out 2023 Japan Nationals VGC Champion Kaito Arii's Talonflame.

Mystery Gift Code for Kaito Arii's Talonflame 

The upcoming mystery gift code for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet commemorates the most valuable Pokemon of the 2023 Japan Nationals VGC Champion Kaito Arii's winning team. The infamous itemless Talonflame used by Kaito Arii will be distributed via a code released during the Pokemon Japan National Championships livestream from June 1 to June 2, 2024.

Kaito Arii's Talonflame

Kaito Arii's Talonflame that players will get via a mystery gift code in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be at Level 50. It will also be stored in a Cherish Ball, just like most Pokemon distributions.

Furthermore, the distributed Talonflame will have a Ghost Tera type and the ability Gale Wings. At the time this article was written, the nature of Kaito Arii's Talonflame is still yet to be decided.

It will also stay true to the original Talonflame by Kaito Arii as it will come without any held items when redeemed. As for the moves, this Talonflame will sport Acrobatics, Tailwind, Protect, and Quick Guard, which remains accurate as to what Kaito Arii ran for the 2023 Japan Nationals VGC Championship.

The 2023 Japan National Champion

The itemless Talonflame headlined Kaito Arii's winning team in the 2023 Pokemon Japanese Nationals VGC Championship. Maushold, Annihilape, Ting-Lu, Grimmsnarl, and Iron Hands were the other five Pokemon in his party.

Even without taking into account the itemless situation, Kaito Arii's Talonflame was already a spicy pick on its own as it ran Acrobatics over the arguably best Flying-type move Brave Bird. Opting to use Acrobatics instead of Brave Bird means Talonflame can stay healthier on the field with no drawbacks from using a Flying-type attack.

Given how Kaito Arii's Talonflame ran the Flying-type move Acrobatics, it made sense for the Pokemon to have no items to hold. The reason for that is because the move's damage is doubled if the Pokemon using the attack has no held items.

Besides the unique way they used Talonflame, Kaito Arii also had an interesting core of Pokemon, utilizing the Mausape combo with Maushold and Annihilape. Basically, Maushold provides support with Follow Me and Taunt while also buffing Annihilape's Rage Fist by using Beat Up. As for Annihilape, it stays on the field by recovering HP using Drain Punch, a setup that makes it a very dangerous sweeper.

With a very interesting reigning champion, all eyes will be on the upcoming Pokemon Japan National VGC Championships as the next meta could very be well dictated by the tournament's results. Hopefully, another unique strategy similar to the itemless Talonflame will debut during the tournament to shake up the current VGC meta.

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