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Richard Sherman equates Jimmy Garoppolo-49ers situation to an ugly divorce

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The San Francisco 49ers have made it very clear that their intention is to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo in favor of the young, talented Trey Lance. However, the 49ers have been either unwilling or simply unable to trade the former starting quarterback. That has left many to wonder exactly how that relationship still works.

Amazon Prime Video had former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman making his debut for Thursday Night Football. During the pregame show, Sherman had a very interesting take on the Garoppolo sitation with his former team, the 49ers.

“It’s the most awkward situation I’ve ever heard of,” Sherman said. “It’s like a couple being divorced, and the divorced wife staying in the house while the husband gets re-married.” He went on to talk about how it was not fair to Garoppolo. “It’s not fair to Jimmy. He was a great teammate and he’s being a great teammate right now… He’s such a selfless human being. He doesn’t want to be a distraction. He works out and doesn’t say anything. He’s just being a great teammate.”

Jimmy Garoppolo had been the starting quarterback for San Francisco since the start of the 2017 season. He was traded to the 49ers from the New England Patriots amid the Tom Brady-Garoppolo drama.

During his time in San Francisco, all Garoppolo has done is win. He is 31-14 as a starting quarterback for the 49ers. But he was unable to make the plays necessary to win the Super Bowl against the Chiefs three seasons ago. That created the perception that he is just a game manager and the team drafted Trey Lance to be the franchise quarterback.