San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has been vocal about his thoughts since his career began. It is part of his charm. He brought it back recently to defend the NFL.

Recently, Pro Football Talk wrote about the players and league being at odds with the new CBA getting set to expire in less than a couple years.

Constructive conversation is not as eye-popping of a headline as squabbling, so Sherman is correct. Lucky for us, this was not the end of the confrontation.

Social media is very fun. Not even this was the end of the conversation between the two. The battle continued in the replies of that last tweet by Sherman. Pro Football Talk was very confused about having any emails, and Sherman responded once again.

Takeaways from this interaction include the fact that Sherman fights are still fun. The Stanford product can argue with the best of them.

Also, we still have no idea what is actually happening in terms of the CBA. PFT does have quotes from a memo in their article, but Sherman is an eye witness.

The good news is that there is still plenty of time to figure it out. With both sides being proactive like they are, there is little reason to believe an agreement would not be made by the time the current CBA expires.

The 49ers star absolutely ripped the website for their portrayal of events at the meeting. We might not know how it went, but we know they are talking. And talking is the key component to agreeing on a new CBA.