Despite all of their success, Inside the NBA analyst Charles Barkley just can't stop hating on the Golden State Warriors. A year ago, he constantly stated that a jump shooting team couldn't win the championship (but they did), and he guaranteed the Dubs won't come out of the West this season.

Now, just days after Stephen Curry won his second consecutive MVP award, Barkley is harping on the the Chef again.

While appearing on today's episode of ESPN's Russillo and Kanell, Barkley was asked for his thoughts on LeBron Jamescomments regarding how the MVP award should be interpreted.

Steve Nash won two MVP's, and Shaq is pissed every time it comes up because he knows he was the best player,” Barkley said. “LeBron and Kawhi Leonard are, to me, the two best players in the world. Steph Curry is the best offensive player in the world.”

Stephen Curry
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Barkley went on about Curry not having to guard the best opposing guards that the Warriors face, indicting his defensive abilities overall as well.

Klay Thompson always guards the best guard. That's not a knock,” Barkley said. “Larry Bird wasn't a great defender, Magic Johnson wasn't a great defender. But they're still probably two of the 10 greatest players ever. Steph is amazing, and that's not hating on him. If people actually watched the Warriors play, they do know that Klay Thompson guards the best point guard every night.”

Curry might not be a physically opposing defender, but he's still able to perform well on that end with his quickness and quick hands. Steph led the NBA with 169 steals and 2.14 steals per game this season.

In the end, Barkley admitted that if he had voted, he would've given Curry the nod, just like every single person who made Stephen the first unanimous MVP in NBA history.

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