Bears news: Mitchell Trubisky went 'zero dark 10' on social media
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Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky went ‘zero dark 10’ on social media

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears

Heading into his second year in the NFL, Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has a tremendous level of expectations on his shoulders to make a significant leap in his development.

However, this has also generated some doubt that he could be the franchise cornerstone player under center that the Bears can build their team around for the long haul. According to Emily Kaplan of ESPN, Trubisky has decided to quiet his presence on social media with a ‘Zero Dark 10’ approach to focus in more on his craft.

“I’m tired of it all, all the doubts, all the comparisons,” Trubisky said on Thursday, on the eve of Chicago’s training camp. “I’m ready for camp to start.”

So how is the quarterback going to tune out the noise? The 23-year-old installed his own game plan over the summer: Trubisky quit social media. “I went Zero Dark 10,” he said — the 10 a reference to his jersey number.

This is similar to the approach that All-Star forward LeBron James used to take during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers doing a “Zero Dark 30-23,” where he shut off his social media accounts during the playoffs to focus in more heavily on the task on hand. It is something that he believes helps him center his attention toward lifting his team to success behind his championship aspirations.

With that in mind, the Bears have already shown a tremendous amount of confidence in Trubisky’s ability on the field by continuing to build the team around him. This saw them bring several more offensive weapons in the passing game with former Pro Bowl wide receiver Allen Robinson, tight end Trey Burton, and wideout Taylor Gabriel.

Chicago has put forth their part to surrounding him with more talent, which he has responded by taking a more serious approach to his craft in hopes of lifting the franchise to plenty of success in the 2018 season and well beyond that.