Marvin Lewis was without an NFL coaching job in 2019 after being fired by the Cincinnati Bengals, but not being around the game made him miss it a bit more. Despite not missing the NFL entirely, Lewis did exclaim that he missed coaching last year, per Zach Gelb of CBS Sports.

“I miss coaching … That was the fundamental thing behind it. I do miss coaching. I spent 16 years as a head coach. You don’t get to coach as much as the head coach as you want all the time because you’re involved doing other things. But all in all, I did miss those opportunities. I’m really excited about what I’m doing now. Hopefully we’ll get to play football this fall.”

From 2003-2018, the only job that Lewis held was the head coach of the Bengals. During his tenure, Cincinnati saw some success, in terms of being able to make it into the playoffs.

However, their success in getting there did not translate to actually winning playoff games. Lewis failed to lead Cincinnati to a single victory in the postseason. Given that, he was let go by the Bengals after 16 seasons, making him currently unemployed among the coaching ranks.

While the Bengals moved forward with Zac Taylor as his replacement, Lewis accepted a role at Arizona State with former NFL head coach Herm Edwards. After serving as Edwards' special advisor in 2019, Lewis will be Arizona State's co-defensive coordinator in 2020. Even though he's back in coaching now, Lewis still misses the ins-and-outs of being a head coach in the NFL.