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Kris Dunn admits he got ‘offended’ by questions on his work ethic

Prior to the draft, rumors swirled that the Chicago Bulls are in the market for a point guard potentially to replace Kris Dunn after the team has reportedly soured out on his lackluster offseason workouts.

With the Bulls drafting Wendell Carter Jr., however, it’s up in the air whether this was merely pre-draft theatrics to throw the other lottery teams off the Duke Blue Devils big man’s scent or if he’s a plan B with Chi-town truly in search for a replacement at the point.

General manager John Paxson was quick to douse water over the fire by disputing the rumor, but the damage has already been done. The 24-year-old guard that was the centerpiece of the Jimmy Butler swap a year ago, is understandably miffed by this report and Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune was on hand during Dunn’s KPMG Windy City Skills Challenge appearance as he voiced his displeasure at the criticism thrown at him.

“I was definitely offended by it. My dad worked hard in life. My brothers and sisters and me (took) hard work very seriously. It is the only way to succeed.”

The two-time Big East Player of the Year claims that he isn’t going to let the comments bother him much or be vindictive, and is actually eager to resume his workouts and let his game do the talking.

“You don’t get too caught up in it. You just keep doing what you do best. I know I work hard. I don’t have to prove it to anybody. I just have to show it on the court. I have no answers for (why the rumors originated). Whoever put it out there, that’s how they felt. Questioning my work ethic? That’s just (not valid). I work hard. If I’m not working, I’m around my family. Absolutely nothing (has changed about workouts or preparation).”

Dunn is expected to start next season alongside the newly-resigned Zach Lavine and is looking to build off his promising start last season after he averaged 13.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, 6.0 assists, and two steals in just 52 games.