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Kris Dunn not impressing Chicago with offseason workouts

Kris Dunn has only been on the Chicago Bulls for one season, and it appears that the team is already disappointed with his workouts this offseason.

Multiple sources told the Sun-Times this week that the Bulls coaching staff and front office have been less than impressed with Dunn’s early summer work habits so far, which is a far cry from the player they acquired from Minnesota in the Jimmy Butler trade last offseason.

During college and after his first season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Dunn was a gym rat, but according to the sources he has been taking shortcuts and there is a chance they could be back in play for a point guard during the upcoming draft.

Why this information is being leaked is still the big question. Are the Bulls trying to send a message to Dunn? Are the Bulls trying to throw other teams off on their draft plans?

This isn’t the first time that the Bulls have tried to send a message through the media. They did the same thing during last season with Zach LaVine, questioning his leadership ability.

Chicago has the seventh pick in the upcoming draft and there is a good chance either Collin Sexton from Alabama or Trae Young from Oklahoma will be available. If they do decide to go with a point guard, that is a very telltale sign what the team’s feelings are on Dunn.

If they decide to go a different direction, that shows the Bulls are probably okay with Kris Dunn as the teams point guard.