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Celtics HC Brad Stevens says Marcus Smart’ obviously deserved’ ejection

Celtics, Marcus Smart

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is, most of the time, known to say and do the right things, and he didn’t have anything to say to back-up his guard Marcus Smart on his ejection earlier today in their game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Stevens actually went on to say that he “obviously deserved” the punishment he got for what he did, per Nick Friar of USA Today.

“I need to go back and watch it before I react to it. From what I saw, obviously, he deserved to be ejected. I don’t know what was said, I haven’t asked him, I haven’t talked to him about it. But you know, obviously, there’s a league punishment for that type of stuff and you can’t react that way.”

Smart and Hawks swingman Deandre Bembry got into a heated exchange during a jumpball situation in the third quarter. Both were struck with quick technical fouls, and unfortunately, Smart was ejected given that this was his second on the night.

The two continued on their war of words even after the penalties were handed out. As the two were about to be separated, Smart then charged towards Bembry and appeared to be ready to throw fists at him.

Fortunately, teammates and officials were there to prevent this turning into a major physical scuffle.

Obviously, Stevens thinks that the way Smart acted certainly warrants a punishment. Perhaps he wasn’t pleased that his defensive-guard put him in a tough spot, as the Celtics were down by seven at the time of Smart’s exit from the contest.

However, Smart’s ejection seemed to light a fire under the rest of the team, and the Celtics eventually pulled off the 113-105 road win.