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Kyrie Irving ‘didn’t deserve criticisms’ during disastrous stint with Celtics, says Rick Pitino

Kyrie Irving, Rick Pitino, Celtics

Rick Pitino used to coach the Boston Celtics. Most Celtics fans get angry at the mere mention of Kyrie Irving. His tumultuous two-year stint in Beantown was mired in confusion. His personality and leadership style didn’t click with he rest of the team’s young core.

However, Iona head coach Rick Pitino thinks that the judgment passed upon the superstar guard was uncalled for. The former New York Knicks tactician said that the injured Nets star didn’t deserve the level of hatred he got from Celtics fans.

Per New York Post’s Steve Serby, he gave Kyrie Irving the highest praise. He thinks that fans should calm down from all of the mudslingings they’re giving him:

“Yeah, Kyrie’s a great player. And I spoke to the Celtic equipment manager who I’m very close with, and he said Kyrie really didn’t deserve the criticism he got because he’s a good guy, very intelligent. Sometimes you gotta spend time with people before you pass judgment.”

Not a lot of people may agree with Pitino’s take there if Irving’s public appearances with the Celtics are considered. He outed the team’s dirty laundry to the media, and almost every basketball show was talking about the level of dysfunction the Celtics are having.

Moreover, the stories that leak out to the media is nothing short of telling. Talk of Irving not getting along with the Celtics hierarchy is not putting him in a good light at all. These rumors are most likely true as he’s known to be a difficult teammate to play with.

The Celtics equipment manager may say one thing, but it seems many in the Celtics organization are happy that he’s gone. After all, they’re thriving without him.