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Marcus Morris receives some help from twin brother Markieff in studying films of LeBron James


Marcus Morris and the Boston Celtics didn’t seem to have an answer for LeBron James on Saturday night, and it led to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals and getting right back into the series. Morris was frustrated with his performance and said he couldn’t get much sleep on Sunday.

“I damn near couldn’t sleep last night,” Morris told The Athletic after practice Sunday afternoon.

Since he couldn’t sleep, Marcus reached out to his his twin brother Markieff, and the two apparently stayed up until nearly  2AM to study film and get ready for Monday night’s Game 4.

In Game 3, James was able to dictate the whole offense, and he was able to get any shot that he, or his teammates, wanted. He also was able to get his teammates a lot of open shots, something the Celtics can’t let happen in Game 4 if they want a chance to win.

“(It ate at me) a lot,” Morris said, “because I thought that I could have done a way better job than what I did. I thought I was just terrible. Just, to me, I thought I was terrible. He didn’t feel me at all. He was comfortable. You know, of course I expect him to make a couple shots, but just to contest him on the shots, I didn’t think I was there enough. He was just very comfortable.

In Game 4, the matchup watch will once again be Morris vs. James. If Morris can find a way to slow down James, there is a good chance the Celtics will take a 3-1 series lead.