Celtics news: Marcus Smart reacts to setting new franchise 3-point record
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Marcus Smart downplays importance of setting Celtics’ 3-point record

Marcus Smart, Celtics

The Boston Celtics may have surprisingly fallen short of the mark when the Phoenix Suns beat them on Saturday, but Marcus Smart gave fans something of a consolation prize after making a record-breaking 11 triples in the game.

Smart now holds the franchise’s single-game record, beating some of the best 3-point shooters to ever grace the league in a Celtics jersey. However, the 25-year-old guard doesn’t see his achievement as something significant.

According to Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston, Smart doesn’t see the significance of his achievement when his team fell short of their goal.

“Right now it means nothing,” Smart  said. “I’d trade all that in for a win, especially with the way this team has been playing. I’d rather have the win than the record.”

The Celtics have seen a couple of outstanding 3-point shooters during their time, and some are considered the best to ever play the game. Larry Bird is a forward known for his tenacity as well as his shooting, while Ray Allen showed everyone what a deadly-efficient 3-point shooter looks like.

For Smart to beat players of this caliber and carve his name into the Celtics record books is nothing short of amazing.

Marcus Smart finished the game on a strong note. He notched an impressive stat line of 37 points, five rebounds, eight assists and four steals to finish the game. Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum pitched in with 22 and 28 points, respectively. However, the Suns somehow managed to pull off strong performance to hold off a late Boston surge.

There are still plenty of things the Celtics could do to improve, but Smart making his threes is definitely one that will help them win more games.