Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce is known for being a menace, and he's now in full villain mode after the team's new championship victory. Pierce usually resorts to making crazy takes on his podcast or on TV, but this time, he made a bold proclamation at the Celtics' championship parade.

Pierce made fun of the Los Angeles Lakers for their In-Season Tournament celebrations.

“If we win the In-Season Tournament, we’re not putting up a banner,” Pierce boasted. “Let the Lakers do that. We can make it into a carpet and put it in the hallway or something.”

The Lakers were notably enthusiastic after winning the NBA's inaugural In-Season Tournament, despite it not being nearly as important as a championship, via the team's YouTube account.

Boston's latest championship trophy is the 18th in its cabinet, passing Los Angeles for having the most all-time. The two franchises have long been the most iconic in the league, and this past season added another chapter in their eternal rivalry.

Will the Lakers get to Boston's heights anytime soon?

The Celtics are on top right now, but the wheel always turns at some point

 Boston Celtics former player Paul Pierce looks into a video camera on the court before game two of the 2024 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks at TD Garden.
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Boston has been feeling itself recently, and deservedly so. While Pierce is known for the antics, even the current stars have been pulling receipts. Jaylen Brown, for example, wore a shirt that said “State Your Source” to the parade, shading ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

The shirt referenced his tweet in response to what Smith said about him on First Take, via X.

“I wanted to read to y'all what an NBA source just sent me,” Smith said back on May 26th. “He said, ‘Jaylen Brown, it's not so much that he's underrated, it's that he's just not liked because of his I-am-better-than-you attitude. He knows it. It's the same reason he is not as marketable as he should be.' That's what an NBA source just sent me.”

Jayson Tatum has also been showing off, saying “what they gone say now” after becoming the sixth player since 1980 to win a title while leading the team in points, rebounds, and assists, via X.

There's no doubt that the Celtics are on top of the basketball world right now, but it won't last forever. It was their first title in 16 years, and with the current NBA's high level of parity, their next gap could be even longer. The Lakers won a title just four years ago, and are always a threat to put together another contending roster, due to their legacy and big market. Pierce should be careful to not jinx Boston, as karma can hurt those who get too big for their britches.