Championship parades are glorious events that bond players to the community and fan base they represent all yearlong, but it is more something to cherish after the fact than in the moment. That is because many will struggle to instantly recall what exactly happened during the celebration. Boston Celtics role player Sam Hauser will likely need to browse through some videos to piece things together.

The undrafted forward out of Marquette and Virginia is doing his best to soak up all the excitement on Friday afternoon, as the C's commemorate their record-setting 18th title in front of the frenetic Green Teamers. He might be overdoing it a tad, however.

While the Celtics glided by on their floats to greet the fans, Hauser took a moment to gather himself, which he did by seemingly puking, via Legion Hoops. The 26-year-old then stood back up and gave the crowd a fist pump.

With Kristaps Porzingis being unhealthy throughout much of the NBA Playoffs, Hauser had to power through and carry a bigger burden. He appears to be doing the same thing at the Celtics' parade. People had plenty to say.

Fans react to Sam Hauser getting sick at parade 

“He drank so much early in the morning, didn't he?,” a fan posted on X. “Or has he been drinking since last night until now? {laughing emoji}” Others were impressed by Hauser's response time. “Fast release even on puking, this guy is my goat,” another fan said.

Sports writer and YouTube personality Frank Michael Smith nicely put into words just how surreal this whole day is for the first-time champion.

“The Celtics have their 2024 championship parade today and nobody is enjoying it more than Sam Hauser…” he said. “We've finally reached the time when the champs get to sit back, relax and party. These are some of the best moments from NBA championship parades.”

Alcohol has gotten the best of many athletes at these functions, but this unheralded bench piece clearly does not want to miss out on the electric atmosphere that talents with his background rarely get to experience. Hauser took a long and winding path to capture the ultimate euphoria with Boston.

He is not going to let his excessive enthusiasm in the booze department prevent him from basking in the coronation. This title just means too much to him. Comparably, his involvement in helping the franchise ascend back to the top means a great deal to the city.

Hauser stepped up for Celtics in NBA Finals

Boston Celtics forward Sam Hauser (30) battles for the ball against Dallas Mavericks center Daniel Gafford (21) during the first quarter during game four of the 2024 NBA Finals at American Airlines Center.
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Almost three years ago, president of basketball operations Brad Stevens saw something in Hauser. His faith has officially been rewarded. The 6-foot-7 Wisconsin native proved to be a viable contributor on both ends of the floor for the Celtics, particularly in the Finals.

Despite playing 20 minutes in just one of the five games, he averaged 8.2 points while shooting 51.9 percent from the field and 47.8 percent from 3-point land. Hauser was not just the one-dimensional talent many perceive him to be, however. He impressively stayed in front of both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, forcing them to throw up contested looks on a number of occasions.

The bench was one of the reasons why some people believed the Celtics would once again fail to seize the Larry O'Brien Trophy, but Hauser was a rock when they needed him most. He excellently performed his job, which is something the squad embodied as a whole during this historic season. And now, ownership is faced with an unexpected development.

Is it best to decline Hauser's team option and work out a multi-year contract? The value and energy he brings cannot be discounted. Hopefully, Friday's inebriated display will not hurt him in negotiations. Besides, judging by Jayson Tatum's pre-parade comments about the Miami Heat, it sounds like Hauser was not the only one who guzzled a bit too many libations.

There will be pain tomorrow, but for now, this man is running on adrenaline and the satisfaction that comes with overcoming immense odds. Visualizing the 18th banner that will hang in the rafters of TD Garden, along with the nice payday he will earn in the near future, should serve as a powerful hangover remedy for Sam Hauser.