Oscar Piastri has drawn a lot of comparisons to a rookie Lewis Hamilton. Being only 11 milliseconds behind Max Verstappen while searching for a pole position at Spa is no easy feat. This is why the McLaren driver has drawn a lot of interest and rumors from teams all over Formula One. The leading team in question is also ahead of everyone in the F1 World Constructors' Championship — Christian Horner's Red Bull.

Oscar Piastri is having an incredible rookie year at McLaren. Despite a rough start and even a ‘Did Not Finish' status at the beginning of the season, he has picked himself up. Good drivers often attract a lot of good teams and the Australian was not safe. Although, he may have just squashed the rumors about driving for Red Bull under Christian Horner and alongside Max Verstappen, via Jake Nichol of Racing News 365.

“It's always nice to be talked about in those kinds of ways, I think my season's been quite good for the most part, I think there's definitely been some mistakes or moments I wish I could have had again, but with hindsight, it's very easy to say those kinds of things,” Piastri unveiled.

He also added why McLaren may be his home for a while as he develops his F1 driving style.

“I'm happy with where I'm at driving-wise, there's still a lot to improve, a lot to learn. I've got a very strong teammate (Lando Norris) to learn from who just by being a benchmark is a big help for me getting back up to speed. I'm happy where I am,” he concluded.

Will he be able to get a race win before Lando Norris?