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Video: Hawks’ Vince Carter dunks from near the free-throw circle

Vince Carter, Hawks

You may have heard the saying “Once a shooter, always a shooter.”  But for Atlanta Hawks veteran Vince Carter, “once a dunker, always a dunker” may be more applicable.

The 21-year veteran once again displayed his hops as he went up for a dunk from near the free-throw line circle in the fourth quarter of their showdown against the Chicago Bulls.

See the highlight below courtesy of NBA TV on Twitter:

The 42-year old Carter continues to surprise us as he has seemingly not lost a single ounce of his vertical from back in the day.

Carter is arguably the greatest dunker the NBA has ever seen, whether be it in-game or in the slam dunk contest. And despite getting way up there in age, he continues rev it up with some Vinsanity-esque dunks like this one.

Before this, his most recent highlight was an insane hanging, double-pump floater over Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns. He could have dunked all over the two-time All-Star if he wanted to, but decided against embarrassing him further.

Nonetheless, it’s crazy that Carter is still doing these kinds of plays well into his 40’s. Yes, some of his athleticism has naturally left him and father time is undefeated. But seeing as how he can still get up and pull off these dunks and highlight plays in 2019 is mind-boggling.

However, this probably wasn’t Carter’s most impressive feat of the night. The fact that he just played nearly 45 minutes in the historic quadruple overtime game against the Bulls shows how great of a shape he is still in at 42 years young.