Heat news: Dion Waiters makes a public apology for his supension
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Dion Waiters makes a public apology for the plane incident that caused his supension

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Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters was suspended earlier this month due to indulging in an edible on the team plane. Waiters suffered a panic attack from the incident and automatically became apart of lore on the internet. While the internet was impressed, the Heat front office brass was not. Thus, a ten-game suspension was handed down to Waiters.

Saturday, November 30, Waiters finally returned to the team via a practice. While it isn’t clear when he will return, he did, however, issue an apology.

“I would like to apologize to my teammates, coaches, basketball staff, the fans and the entire organization for the incident that happened on the team plane. I was wrong and take responsibility for what happened and am sorry for what it put everyone through. I am happy to be back with my teammates and am looking forward to getting back on the court playing basketball.”

Waiters is in year three of a four-year, $52 million deal he signed in the summer of 2017. But in the past two seasons, Waiters has played in only 74 games-slowed by an ankle injury. And with edible-gate now attached to his name, Waiters is already behind the eight ball. Conventional wisdom would state that it will be hard for Pat Riley or Erik Spoelstra can trust him at this time.

Nevertheless, Waiters is back and will look to make his debut any day, or week now. Hopefully, Waiters takes this incident and make better decisions going forward. His team-and pockets will thank him dearly.