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Stephen A. Smith claims Miami is the Bucks’ biggest threat


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has yet another flaming hot take on Tuesday, but one that could be deemed noteworthy in the race for the Eastern Conference crown. The notorious TV personality said the Miami Heat are the Milwaukee Bucks’ biggest threat in the playoffs, discarding the Boston Celtics as a potential roadblock.

“I think Jimmy Butler being there, his infusion in that locker room. The way he’s able to lead them and hold them accountable, combined with [Erik] Spoelstra, combined with Pat Riley. I think goes a longer way than Boston,” said Smith on First Take.

Smith went on to say the Celtics’ offense is more so predicated in its talent than its matchup ability, making the Heat the better pick of the two against a juggernaut like the Bucks.

Yet it wouldn’t take long for Smith to make his proverbial hedge in the conversation:

“I personally think that Miami is better suited to take out Milwaukee than Boston,” said Smith. “Not to say that they will, because I don’t pick any of them to take out Milwaukee right now, but I think Miami has a better shot.”

Much like styles make fights, matchups make series in the NBA playoffs, and even if the Heat are able to take two games from the Bucks — it could make for a very interesting series. The Heat have already shown they can swing, winning both of their matchups this season and still awaiting another on the road next week.

The Heat have the length and defensive versatility to give the Bucks a run for their money in the postseason, along with some shooters that can get hot at the right time. Should these two match up against one another in the second round of the playoffs, it could make for an intriguing series to watch out for.