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Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey expected to play Week 6 says team owner Shahid Khan


The Jacksonville Jaguars have had a pretty big storyline this year that doesn’t exactly involve the team record. It’s also not Gardner Minshew. Of course, that leaves Jalen Ramsey.

The superstar cornerback has expressed his displeasure with his contract and his role with the team.

This has led to a bunch of different storylines. That includes ones where the cornerback is missing time due to injury, but no one really knows how serious the injuries are. This has left his status for Week 6 unclear.

According to team owner Shahid Khan though, Ramsey is expected to play in their Week 6 matchup with the New Orleans Saints.

If the Jaguars want to beat the 4-1 Saints, they’ll need all hands on deck. Of course, that means having your top cornerback (the best cornerback in the NFL) on the field.

Even if he is on the field, though, this storyline is far from over.

Things won’t be resolved until one of a few options happens. Either Ramsey is traded, he signs a new contract, or his current contract runs out (signed through 2020).

Once one of those things happen, maybe the craziness will die down. Until then, though, you should expect to hear updates weekly, possibly even more frequent than that.

The reason for that is pretty simple, Ramsey is really good. A player of his caliber is always going to get headlines. That’s even more the case when no one’s 100% sure where he’ll be playing the next week. Whatever team he is on has a legitimate elite-level star. If he’s moved, it could change a lot in the NFL.

For now, though, he’s with the 2-3 Jaguars as they try to take down one of the best teams in the NFL in Week 6.