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Quin Snyder believes Emmanuel Mudiay has the ‘potential to be a great defender’ for Jazz

Jazz, Quin Snyder, Emmanuel Mudiay

Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder believes that Emmanuel Mudiay’s ‘unique strength’ can be utilized to make him a great defender.

Mudiay, who was picked up by the Jazz this offseason, has quickly caught the eye of Snyder. For the head coach, the seventh overall pick of the 2015 NBA Draft has a special type of strength. And he can channel this to be a great defensive player.

“His strength is unique — his strength is a strength. I think he’s learning how to use that defensively,” he said, per Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune. “Getting down, using his body, being aggressive, being disciplined. His size, as well.”

Over the past three seasons, the Jazz have placed within the top 10 in terms of defensive rating. Clearly, defense is the team’s top priority. As such, everyone is expected to be a capable defender on an individual level.

Mudiay is aware of Snyder’s praises, but he won’t let it go over his head. Instead, he vowed to show Snyder that he’s right about his presumptions.

“[Snyder] tells me that I have the potential to be a great defender,” Mudiay said. “If he believes in me, then I’ve gotta believe in myself on that end, too.”

The offseason can be labeled as a success for the Jazz. After all, not only did they acquire Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic, but they also got a hungry player in Mudiay who is raring to prove himself on the basketball court.