Knicks news: Excruciating stat prove why Emmanuel Mudiay is hurting New York so bad
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Knicks outscored by 100 points with Emmanuel Mudiay on the court

emmanuel mudiay

The New York Knicks’ Emmanuel Mudiay used to be a point guard that everyone talked about. The 6-foot-5, 22-year old court general was selected in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets as the successor to their previous starter, Ty Lawson.

Since then, Mudiay has struggled in a wide array of ways. He hasn’t shot well, posting career shooting percentages of 37 percent from the field and 31 percent from deep. Mudiay has also displayed some limited court vision, posting 2.3 turnovers per contest this season.

Point guards in this age of the league are literally required to shoot the ball effectively or pass with efficiency. Both of those traits haven’t applied to Mudiay in his third NBA season.

After being traded to the Knicks on February 8, Mudiay has still shown that he has a long way to go to fully developing into a quality role player, at least. It now appears that Mudiay may not be helping the Knicks on the court at all according to some interesting metrics.

According to Chris Iseman of North Jersey, Mudiay understands that he’s struggling but has some optimism that he will get better in time.

“Obviously I’m struggling,” “The last three games I’ve been struggling. No secret. Just got to keep working. That’s the main thing. “Overthinking. Thinking that a player would do this and a player probably doesn’t, so sometimes when I drove baseline I’m thinking somebody’s going to cut and I just gotta get on the same page with everybody and figure everybody out.”

Mudiay may be running out of time. While he is the starting point guard of the Knicks, it’s hard to believe that he will continue to hold those duties any longer if he is a liability on the court. Though, the Knicks aren’t expected to make the postseason this year. Maybe keeping Mudiay in the starting lineup is a part of their plan.