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Video: Lakers star LeBron James channels Stephen Curry with no-look triple, bench goes crazy

lebron james, lakers, stephen curry

LeBron James just pulled off a Stephen Curry and knocked down a no-look 3-pointer in the Los Angeles Lakers‘ Tuesday night game against the Houston Rockets.

The Lakers superstar had acres of space as he was left wide open in the corner for a transition three. James did not only knock down the trey, but he also did it in quite the fashion. After James let the rock go, he turned to the Lakers bench while the ball was in the air. And, just like most of Steph’s shots, the three-ball was money.

Check out James’ crazy three-point attempt here:

To no one’s surprise, the entire Lakers’ bench went nuts.

The four-time Finals MVP hasn’t been the best three-point shooter in his career but leaving a generational talent like LeBron all alone in the corner was a terrible mistake. James definitely made the Rockets defense pay with a rather humiliating bucket.

It’s still early in the 2020-21 season but James and the defending champs are looking good so far. Their 8-3 record ahead of Tuesday night’s game against the Rockets is good enough to put them at the top of the Western Conference. With James shooting like he is on Tuesday night, the 36-year-old should be on pace for another stellar campaign—18 seasons in.