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Lakers news: Russell Westbrook’s terrible LA debut draws explanation from Frank Vogel

Russell Westbrook, Frank Vogel, Lakers

Russell Westbrook’s debut with the Los Angeles Lakers couldn’t have gone more horribly. He only had eight points, five rebounds, and four assists along with four turnovers and 4-of-13 shooting. This terrible performance got him in the limelight, as Twitter fans roasted him and the Lakers for that awful performance.

In a media session after a Lakers practice, head coach Frank Vogel took responsibility for the dreadful Westbrook performance. He said: (via ESPN)

“[Westbrook played] pretty good. We didn’t get him involved enough, and that’s on me. We continue to look at situations to make him useful and not pull away from what [Anthony Davis] and [LeBron James] are doing. Those guys obviously got going, but I didn’t do a good enough job getting Russ going, and that’s an easy fix. Something that we’re familiar with and keep looking at every day and get a little more comfortable with it.”

The burning question for Lakers fans after their big offseason shakeup was Westbrook’s fit with the roster. With LeBron being the primary ball-handler of the team, it would be awkward for another ball-dominant guard like Russ to share the court with him. It’s going to be a work-in-progress for the Lakers, and already, we can see those growing pains show up.

Of course, anyone saying that this performance will be the norm for Westbrook is overreacting a bit. He has his ups-and-downs, of course: Westbrook is a notoriously slow starter that ramps up as the season progresses. His preseason debut for the Lakers is a cause of concern, but if there’s anyone you can count to make a bounce back, it’s Russ.

Lakers fans are hoping Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook can figure it out soon. This is the Lakers’ best shot at a title, and they’ll need Russ at 100% for them to win it all.