Lions news: Matt Patricia not concerned about his future as head coach
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Matt Patricia not concerned about his future as head coach for Lions

Matt Patricia, Lions

The Detroit Lions have lost six straight games to fall to 3-9-1 on the season, and while the Lions have been without quarterback Matthew Stafford since Week 10 and are down to their third-string signal-caller, it doesn’t change the fact that Detroit is yet again experiencing another miserable campaign.

So what does that mean for head coach Matt Patricia?

The Lions hired Patricia as their head coach following the 2017 season, and in his first year at the helm in 2018, Detroit won just six games.

Patricia was given a bit of a pass last year because the Lions clearly were not ready to contend, but with Detroit seeming likely to finish with under six victories in 2019, you have to wonder about his job security.

As for Patricia? He’s not worried about it:

“We’ll worry about next year, next year,” Patricia said, according to Larry Lage of The Associated Press. “But right now I want to get through today and want to get the game corrected.”

Patricia would not go into any sort of detail about any discussions he may or may not have had with the front office:

“I don’t get into any sort of discussions that I have with ownership or any of that,” he said. “I’m just worried about this game this week.”

Most likely, the Lions will give Patricia another shot, as he did deal with a bunch of injuries this season, and it’s not like Detroit’s roster is all that impressive.

But there also seems to be little doubt that Patricia is running out of chances to prove himself.