While the Brooklyn Nets may not have acquired a potentially franchise-altering prospect in the recently-concluded draft, what they have done successfully is to further improve their cap space in preparation for the rumored arrival of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

A couple of NBA insiders in Zach Lowe and Brian Lewis pointed out this fact, and explained how Brooklyn have moved a couple of steps closer towards their offseason goal of being able to hand out two max deals for Durant and Irving.

This by no means guarantees that both superstars will be signing for the Nets this summer, but it is without question that Brooklyn continues to prepare themselves for the eventuality of the same.

Durant, who suffered a devastating Achilles injury in the Golden State Warriors’ Finals series defeat to the Toronto Raptors, is believed to be seriously considering signing an extension with his current team. However, prior to his career-threatening injury, rumors were swirling that he had already decided on a future away from the Warriors. A partnership with Irving was constantly brought up, and Brooklyn was identified as one of their potential landing spots.

As for Irving, who seems to have already outstayed his welcome in the city of Boston, he appears to be more intent on signing with the Nets, with or without Durant. However, with all the bad publicity Kyrie has garnered throughout his career, rumors have now emerged that Brooklyn has not exactly been on the same page, as they apparently want the two as a package deal.

However way you look at it, though, the Nets are still primed to make a splash this offseason, and it appears that they will stand out as legitimate contenders in the East next season.