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Kyrie Irving says Nets will ‘take over the whole entire city’ ahead of game vs. Knicks

Nets, Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is expected to make waves with the Brooklyn Nets once his new partner in crime Kevin Durant can rejoin him next season, but the new Brooklyn Nets guard sent a warning shot as loud as any after a near-opening-season win against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Irving scored 50 points in defeat, securing the record for most points ever in a debut with a new team, now awaiting across the bridge rivals New York Knicks next.

Irving made headlines earlier this week, when he said the Knicks fans now support the Nets, and even if Durant contradicted that in a separate interview, the New Jersey native isn’t turning back on his words.

“So for real, that’s my best friend and I want to send good health to him,” said Irving, according to SNY’s Ian Begley. “But for the time being, we’re going to take over the whole entire city. It’s about us.”

The 27-year-old dynamo offered that Knicks fans would convert into Nets fans at the wake of their recent signings and the success awaiting them in the future.

“Brooklyn’s a place where they’ve built up everything around here, different residents are in here now. It’s just a different culture,” Irving said on Tuesday. “But the same people that have supported New York basketball are still here and they support the Brooklyn Nets now. It’s just a respect thing. If you can play, they’ll respect you.”

Durant was quick to point out in the “Knuckleheads” podcast that teams like the Knicks have generations of fans that bleed orange and blue, and those will remain unchanged regardless of who comes along.

Irving clearly doesn’t share that opinion, ready to take New York by storm this season, even if Durant remains on the shelf for its entirety.