NFL news: Floyd Mayweather slams NFL, defends Antonio Brown
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Floyd Mayweather slams NFL, defends Antonio Brown’s off-field issues

Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown

It’s no secret that the NFL doesn’t look at Antonio Brown too kindly over the past year. In fact, to say that the star wide receiver is shunned by the league could even be considered as an understatement. Fortunately for him, he has a big and loud ally on his side by the name of Floyd Mayweather.

The retired boxer is no stranger to controversy, so he can understand the controversial wide receiver’s state of mind. He thinks that the NFL could do better in terms of supporting Brown instead of shutting him out of the league. The undefeated champion believes that Brown is too talented of a wide receiver to be left out of the NFL for long.

TMZ caught up Mayweather and asked him about the current situation of Antonio Brown, and he was all out in his support: