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Report: Winning players on Super Bowl 53 teams will earn $118,000

Tom Brady, Jared Goff

According to a new report, the players whose team brings home the Super Bowl 53 trophy will each earn $118,000!

But even the players whose team loses the competition can take comfort in knowing they’ll have a handsome payday: the losing team awards their players about $59,000 each.

Considering both of those figures are more than the average American makes in a year, these players have no room — or reason — to complain. (It also begs the question: how do some football players end up completely broke after their careers are over?)

But as with anything else in life, these paydays come with a bit of a catch.

These paydays are considered “full share” paydays, and only those players who have been on the team for the whole season leading up to the Super Bowl qualify for those “full share” paydays.

And, according to the Action Network, not much has changed in the NFL since the first-ever “big game.” The outlet reports that, back in 1967, players on the winning team for Super Bowl I got paid $15,000. When adjusted for inflation, that means each player got about $112,000 if they were entitled to the full share payday.

That means that, dollar for dollar, Super Bowl winners are only making about $6,000 more than they were back when the first Super Bowl was played.

And again, while each player — win or lose — is making more than most Americans make in a year, it’s interesting that they don’t get to make a salary that’s comparable to the sheer amount of money that the NFL, as a whole, makes — and indeed, has made — over the course of 50 years.