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Nintendo Switch Apex Legends Release Date: All You Need to Know

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Apex Legends currently reigns at the top of the battle royale pile. Its unique brand of fast-paced gameplay with excellent gun-feel quickly helped amass a large number of players. Recently, Respawn Entertainment officially released the game on Steam where it quickly became one of the best games on the platform. Now, the legendary battle royale finally makes its way to the final holdout on the platform space. Nintendo Switch players can finally try out the fantastic battle royale for themselves.


Prospective newcomers to Apex Legends can get the game for free on the Nintendo digital store. The store page for the game declares that players need around 30 GB free on their device to download the game. Surprisingly, Apex Legends will not require a Nintendo Switch Online account to play the game on the console. However, players will be required to create their own EA account in order to play the game on the Nintendo Switch. Similarly, the Steam port also required players have an existing EA account in order to play the game.

There’s literally no distinction between the Nintendo Switch version of the game and the other ports but Switch players will get their hands on an exclusive limited-time Pathfinder skin. The Nintendo Switch version holds one apparent over the other versions of Apex Legends. The Switch port will be the only version of the game playable on-the-go. Unfortunately, the game’s graphics take a massive hit when used away from the Switch dock.


One glaring issue for the Nintendo Switch version is its inferior framerate. Players switching from other platforms will have to get used to the slower display as the Switch version will be limited to 30 FPS. Nintendo Switch Apex Legends will run on 720p while docked but it will drop down to a dismal 576p in handheld mode.

Nintendo Switch ports of powerful games often have to adjust their graphical fidelity to be even playable on the platform at all. It was an expected hit to the game ever since talks of a Nintendo Switch made rounds on the rumor mill.

As expected from modern competitive games, Apex Legends will retain its crossplay function for the Switch port. Granted, it will be extremely difficult for players on Joy-cons to go up against PC players. Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment made concessions to ensure Switch players will not be absolutely overshadowed by players from other platforms.


Apex comes with the crossplay function enabled by default but it’s not a permanent setting. There’s a wide variety of options for players on any platform to pick from. If you relish a challenge then you have no need to bother with this at all. Generally speaking, players could set their crossplay function to work with only console players, with all platforms, or to restrict it to only one platform. This means Nintendo Switch users could opt to only play Apex Legends with other Switch players if they wish.

Nintendo Switch players can still play with their friends from other platforms but things become increasingly difficult when a PC player joins the squad. The party automatically queues into a game including PC players if a PC player joins their party. Respawn Entertainment laid out all the rules for crossplay in their Frequently Asked Questions website.

It’s an exciting time for Switch players everywhere but they join the game smack dab in the middle of the game’s eighth competitive season. Fortunately, Respawn aimed to level the playing field by giving Switch adopters a fighting chance. If you pick up Apex Legends for the Switch, you get 30 free Battle Pass levels for the season as well as a double XP boost for the first two weeks starting from launch.


Switch players can dive right into the latest Apex Legends event themed around the poison-slinging legend Caustic. The Chaos Theory Collection Event launched today and it added a whole lot of danger to the Kings Canyon map. The new takeover features several poison hazards around the map as well as a whole slew of exciting new skins to collect and grind for. The launch of the new event also adds Bangalore’s very own Heirloom Weapon, the Pilot Knife. There’s no better time to get into a fast and wild game by diving right into a chaotic event. The Chaos Theory event runs through March 23, 2021. This gives players both old and new enough time to run around and cause trouble for their foes on Kings Canyon.

Clear up space on your Nintendo Switch to get your hands on the big battle royale craze. It’s not easy to get an Apex Championship for any platform but it will definitely be worth all the effort.