Packers news: Jordan Love only picked because he was 'the best player'
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Packers’ Jordan Love was only picked because he was ‘the best player on the board’

Jordan Love, Packers

Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur claims that Jordan Love wasn’t drafted to replace Aaron Rodgers. Instead, he was drafted because he was the best player on the board. LaFleur said there were other players they would have drafted instead, but they were off the board when the Packers were on the board to make their selection.

“It was just one of those situations where there were a couple guys targeted that had just previously been picked and Jordan was the next guy on the board, and so we went with the best player at the time,” LaFleur said on ESPN Radio in Wisconsin via Pro Football Talk.

This explanation might make a little sense, but they didn’t actually draft in their original position. The Packers traded up from 30th to 26th to select Love. If they were really waiting for the best player on their board, they would have waited until when they were originally expected to pick at number 30.

Even if Love was the best player available, it doesn’t take away from the fact they didn’t actually improve the team for the 2020 season. The 2020 draft was one of the most loaded draft classes every for wide receivers, but the Packers still didn’t select one, even in the later rounds.

It will probably be ten years down the road to see if this pick was a good one for the Packers, but right now, there still seem to be some people scratching their heads over the Packers’ decision to bring in Love.