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Packers’ Preston Smith’s hilarious description of what it feels like trying to sack Russell Wilson

Preston Smith, Packers

Russell Wilson is as slippery as they come. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback can spin, juke, or run out of a sack in a blur. The Green Bay Packers, in their divisional-round victory over the Seahawks, certainly felt that on Sunday.

Packers outside linebacker Preston Smith, however, was able to reel Wilson in, not once, but twice. After the win, he described what it’s like to chase down Wilson behind the line of scrimmage. It doesn’t sound too pleasant. 

“It was like chasing a chicken in a field with no fence,” Smith said after the game, via Matt Schneidman of The Athletic.

That’s what they call a fantastic quote. It also perfectly depicts what chasing Wilson must feel like. There is no taking him down easy.

Though Wilson can squeak out of pressure, the Packers got to him five times in their win at Lambeau Field. Smith got the final say, too. On third-down, he got to Wilson. The Seahawks punted the ball with just over three minutes left. Aaron Rodgers and Co. responded by milking the clock to ensure a five-point victory at home.

Smith will no-longer have to chase a chicken in a field with no fence. Next week, he will face the San Francisco 49ers and their less-nimble quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. If Smith and the defense can rattle the backup turned star starter, the Packers could be buying tickets to Miami soon.

Smith and the Packers’ surging defense will face the 49ers next Sunday in Santa Clara.