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Patriots’ Devin McCourty reveals story on Tom Brady’s insane work ethic

Devin McCourty, Tom Brady, Patriots

When you hear the name ‘Tom Brady’ you think two things: winning and longevity. And if you ask some of Brady’s former teammates, his successful, long-lasting career didn’t happen by accident. In a short video posted by House of Highlights Twitter account, twins Devin and Jason McCourty some of their memorable stories about the former New England Patriots quarterback.

“I want to say back in 2014 or ’15, we played somebody that weekend. Tom threw an interception in practice on Friday to Rashaan Melvin, whose locker was right by mine, and threw an interception in the red area,” Devin, a two-time Pro Bowler with New England, said. “We was towards the end of practice. The next day, Tom came in and he goes to Mel and he’s like, ‘Man, because of you, I had to watch 109 plays last night on the red area to make sure I can get that ball in there. I remember I turned my head like, ‘Bro, you watched 109 — like, how?”

Brady’s ridiculous work ethic is known to most — especially his teammates — but this story by McCourty adds even more greatness to the quarterback’s already renowned legacy.

Devin helped New England win three Lombardi Trophies with Brady under center in Foxborough and his twin brother Jason joined them in 2018 for his first and the Pats’ most recent Super Bowl victory.

Brady will begin his post-Patriots run with the Tampa Buccaneers this upcoming 2020 season and will be joined by tight end and good friend Rob Gronkowski. NFL teams will report to training camp at the end of July