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Former Redskins TE Chris Cooley takes subtle shot at Logan Thomas

Chris Cooley, Logan Thomas, Redskins

The Washington Redskins came into free agency in pretty desperate need of a tight end. They had released long-time starter Jordan Reed, and Vernon Davis had retired.

Many had them linked to superstar Austin Hooper though, so their problems could be solved.

Washington did not get Hooper, however. Instead, the Redskins signed Richard Rodgers and Logan Thomas.

And according to Zachary Neel of Redskinswire.com, former tight end Chris Cooley wasn’t really impressed.

“I actually watched a lot of Logan Thomas this last year,” Cooley said. “He makes some athletic plays, and he does some things where you say ‘huh.’ But, he’s really average, and stiffer than you might think he would be. He’s just a guy; he’s a 2 TE. They need a starter.”

To be fair to Cooley, a lot of people probably think this way. It’s not like he’s bashing Thomas, he’s just pointing out that the Redskins still need a starter.

Last season, Thomas appeared in 16 games for the Detroit Lions. In those 16 games, he collected 16 receptions for 173 yards and one touchdown. Not exactly anything to get excited over.

Thomas definitely has his upside. He’s athletic with a great frame (6’6″, 250 lbs). But the numbers haven’t done anything to wow anybody just yet.

With the way the offseason has gone for the Redskins, you’d have to expect they’ll be looking for a tight end in the draft.

If they aren’t, then they would be heading into 2020 without any serious changes in the passing game for quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

They’ve signed two tight ends that would likely serve as Jeremy Sprinkles’ backup (who started last season while Reed and Davis were injured) and Cody Latimer, who would be the fourth-receiver at best for Washington.

2019 was the best statistical season of Thomas’ career. Can he prove Cooley wrong and become the starter? Or do the Redskins have other plans?