Seahawks news: Seattle may go 'game-to-game' with RB workload
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Seahawks may go ‘game-to-game’ with RB workload


The Seattle Seahawks have Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson in the backfield and the big question all off-season has been about how they will be used.

Last season, Carson racked up 1,151 yards rushing and Penny was able to rush for almost 500 yards even though he dealt with injuries most of the season.

John Boyle answered some mailbag questions for the Seahawks website and said this season the team could use a game-to-game approach to what running back receives the most carries.

Is it possible? Sure it is, but Chris Carson, who is coming off of a 1,151-yard season, will be tough to unseat from the starting spot. Ideally the Seahawks will find ways to get Rashaad Penny plenty of carries along with Carson, and perhaps from game-to-game the split will vary. And it’s worth noting that when asked about Penny and Carson earlier in the offseason, Carroll used the term “one-two punch” and added, “and I don’t know who’s one and who’s two, it doesn’t matter to me.”

They will probably try to use the hot hand, which is a good thing for the Seahawks team success, but bad for fantasy football players.

In other words, the Seahawks hope to get a lot out of both of those running backs, and Carroll doesn’t really care if there’s a clear-cut No. 1 back (sorry, fantasy football players).

These are both team-first players, and both should get plenty of opportunities to run wild on opposing defenses across the NFC West and the rest of the league.