Pete Carroll may not be as involved with the Seattle Seahawks anymore, but some players thought that getting rid of his memorabilia was a little bit too much. His stay with the franchise has been nothing short of historic, and the Geno Smith-led squad still wants to commemorate it.

John Schneider made an odd call to remove these things before the NFL Draft with Mike Macdonald, but it looks like he did not intend for it to be taken in the wrong way.

John Schneider outlined that he still wants to keep Pete Carroll's iconic slogans and other pictures that reminded the Seahawks of him. However, he just wanted to shift it to another medium, via Seattle Sports.

“Right outside the team room to the indoor facility. There are a lot of pictures and slogans from Pete’s tenure here. Like, all the stuff we did together the last 14 years. But celebrating our history is, like, all over this building. So we’re actually going a little more digital too,” the Seahawks owner said.

John Schneider then added the different pieces of Seahawks' history that they wanted to digitize and what its purpose was.

“We’re gonna have TVs up just kind of like celebrating the Dave Wyman tackles, if you will or the Curt Warner runs, the Shaun Alexanders, the Coach Holmgrens and Coach Carrolls, the whole thing.

“Right when you walk around the corner from the indoor facility, I mean, we have the plates of every player that’s played here. The pictures from all the guys, like more recent guys and all that,” he said.

The Seahawks' big boss even got coach Mike Macdonald sold on this plan to boost team morale.

“Really in Mike's mind, it’s kind of, hey, we’re celebrating our history. Guys get that. But we’re not coming in here with certain slogans and leadership mottos and that sort of thing. We’re going to build our own as a team,” Schneider added.

Carroll's history with the Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll watches his team warm up before playing against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale on Jan. 7, 2024.
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Pete Carroll re-entered the league having won a college football national championship with USC. He then went on to coach for the Seahawks from the 2010 season up to 2023. Throughout his tenure, he managed to win a Super Bowl with the Legion of Boom and mentored Russell Wilson fairly well.

Carroll finished his head-coaching record with a 58.6 percent win rate and won 50 percent of his postseason wins. However, his last year with Geno Smith did not have an ideal ending.

There are a lot of stories to be told about his time with the Seahawks. This is also why players like Leonard Williams want to keep being reminded of these feats through memorabilia, all while creating a new identity.

“We’re obviously going to respect tradition and the history of the Seahawks, but I think it’s giving us a clean foundation to create whatever we want to be. We’re not chasing to be like any other team that’s been here before. We want to create our own identity,” the linebacker declared.

There might be a lot of work cut out for coach Mike Macdonald. But he does not have to live in the shadow of who came before. This move might also help the Geno Smith-led Seahawks' mindset moving forward.