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Joel Embiid reacts to hurtful tweets from Bryan Colangelo’s wife

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The NBA offseason was very interesting for most of the league, but possibly nothing was more interesting than what happened in the regards to the Philadelphia 76ers, the Brian Colangelo burner account fiasco, and how the team’s players — namely Joel Embiid — reacted to it all.

It has since been revealed that Colangelo’s wife was responsible for the accounts that departed several of the franchise’s players and also released sensitive medical information. Colenglo resigned as a result.

Embiid, who played in the NBA Africa game recently, was asked by ESPN about the incident during an interview.

“It was hurtful because of that stuff that was said in those tweets,” Embiid said. “But at the end of the day, I know who I am as a person, as a player.”

Embiid also seemed to take some motivation from the comments said on Twitter that were investigated by The Ringer in an investigative piece.

“Actually I appreciated everything that was said about me,” Embii said. “If it was true, even if it wasn’t, that stays in my mind and it makes me to want to get better.”

Embiid’s full comments are below.

Embiid is a competitor, and that shows in how he comports himself both on the basketball court and off of it. What was said in those tweets were potentially damaging to some reputations, but as Embiid said, he will prove his worth on the court as he always has.

It seems Joel Embiid is beyond what happened, which will give him the opportunity to have a (theoretically) distraction-free season.