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NBA scout thinks Tobias Harris’ contract could limit Sixers moving forward, but understands why they did it

Tobias Harris, Sixers

Tobias Harris signed the richest contract in Sixers franchise history, a deal one NBA scout thinks may limit Philly moving forward.

Harris signed a five-year, $180 million deal with the Sixers, who also signed All-Star big man Al Horford to a four-year, $109 million deal and agreed to an extension with Ben Simmons worth $170 million.

Add to the fact that the Sixers gave Joel Embiid a five-year, $147.7 million extension back in 2017, and Philly has over $600 million tied into four players.

Via Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report:

Even though the Eastern Conference scout believes Harris won’t generate the commensurate value on the court and that his contract could create discord within the locker room, he understands why the Sixers did it.

“You don’t want to lose an asset for nothing,” he says. “Philly gave up a lot to get Tobias Harris. It’s going to limit you going forward, you’re not going to have as many options, but what other choice do you have?”

The Sixers gave up a lot to acquire Tobias Harris from the Los Angeles Clippers, so they couldn’t afford to lose the talented swingman for nothing in free agency.

That forced Philly to overpay to keep Harris, who is no doubt a good player, but probably not worth $180 million.