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Sixers’ threat against Ben Simmons to get him to show up

Ben Simmons Sixers 76ers trade

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers seem to be playing a very publicized game of chicken. But given that it’s one man against a billion-dollar organization, it’s tough to see Simmons getting his way in the end.

This especially given that the Sixers have a huge trump card over their All-Star- they control his salary. As Simmons has threatened to hold off from joining the team unless he’s traded the way he wants, Philly isn’t backing down from making good on the threats of their own.

Via Sixers report from Tom Moore:

“NBA Source: ‘Eventually he’s going to show up. (Sixers will) go from there.’ They apparently plan to fine Simmons if he doesn’t attend 2021-22 camp, preseason & so on. Don’t want to trade for draft picks & try to convert to players. Can’t get any of 5-10 NBA guys they like”

Ben Simmons is probably not hurting for cash right now, but the estimated $300 thousand per day that he’ll be losing if he doesn’t show up will hurt anyone’s pocket.

The Sixers are fully expecting Ben Simmons to play next season and recoup some of the trade value he’s lost. It seems like only a matter of time until the All-Star shows up. But how things take shape in the locker room when he does will be an entirely different story.