Spurs news: San Antonio Zoo gives Kawhi Leonard his own VIP parking spot in hopes he'll stay
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San Antonio Zoo gives Kawhi Leonard his own VIP parking spot in hopes he’ll stay

Kawhi Leonard, Gregg Popovich, Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs will try all pull all the stops to reel in their prized cornerstone player in Kawhi Leonard, but the city and its fans are also willing to chip in, hoping every bit will help The Klaw feel right at home.

Even the San Antonio Zoo now has expressed support for Kawhi Leonard, after recent reports relaying his “irate” response to a meeting with coach Gregg Popovich, still resenting him and teammate Tony Parker for their words following his maligned quad injury.

The Zoo’s CEO Tim Morrow, even went above and beyond to give the 26-year-old star his very own VIP parking spot in hopes that could entice him to stay.

As endearing as it might be, if the difference of missing out in several millions by not signing an offer sheet of $219 million is not enticing enough, it’s highly unlikely a reserved parking spot will do the trick.

For Leonard to stay with the Spurs, other things are far more important and need to become a positive. Most notably, his relationship with all of management, specifically Gregg Popovich. The two recently met to try to patch things up, and while mum is the word, the Spurs do remain hopeful in changing their best player’s mind.