On the same day that the Golden State Warriors dropped Game 6 to the Cavaliers 115-101 to lose the NBA Championship, star Stephen Curry submitted four trademark applications — for his own name.

His applications are for “Steph Curry,” “Stephen Curry,” “Chef Curry” and “Curry.” These are the only applications currently in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s database for Curry individually.

Stephen Curry
AP Photo/Marco Jose Sanchez

The applications were filed in order to use these names with a wide variety of products and services. There weren’t any examples of current products using these names yet, and Curry won’t be able to receive the registrations until he has valid proofs of use for each of these marks in commerce. Curry also has yet to submit a signed written consent, which he will need for registration of these names and nicknames.

Curry is looking for a wide array of protection, over a variety of products and services including anything from anti-glare visors to board games and even charity services. Most likely, he had little involvement in the filing of the applications, with his agency organizing most of the action, but he provided authorization for the filing.

Earlier this year, Under Armour attempted a similar effort to register trademarks with Curry, but ended those efforts in June. The company also owns other Curry-related names and continues attempting to register others. Most likely, Curry realized that he can gain much more by owning his own name rather than allowing other parties to use it for him.

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